Free Icons

rss feed icon1

rss feed icon sample image
rss feed icons for white background.Aqua type.

3D rotating arrow icon

3?arrow icon sample image
Though sample image is not moving,3D rotating arrow animated icons.


piano? icon sample image
piano icon ,32px32px

forward-looking mini car icon

sample image
forward-looking mini car icons.1616pixel transparentgif.less than 1KB,pixel art icon.

pushpin icon1

sample image
pushpin icon.1616pixel.transparentgif pixel art icon

tag icon

sample image
mini tag icons.1616pixel transparentgif.less than 1KB.pixel art icon

car icon 1

sample image
20 mini car icons.1616pixel transparentgif. less than 1KB. these are pixel for any background colors

clover icon

sample image
Clover icons.1616pixel transparentgif.How about colorful clovers?

arming pin icon

sample image
arming pin icons.1616pixel.10colors2type=20. pixel art icon

notes icon _7

sample image
animated type of notes icon ? 1616pixel .10colors4type

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