pushpin icon1

sample image
pushpin icon.16Χ16pixel.transparentgif pixel art icon

tag icon

sample image
mini tag icons.16Χ16pixel transparentgif.less than 1KB.pixel art icon

pin icon_1

sample image
aqua type pin icons. 16Χ16pixel transparentgif. white mat.

aqua icon

sample image
aqua type round mini icon. 16Χ16pixel jpg. for white background

general icon 3

sample image
80 simple mini icons

general icon _2

sample image
round corner type of general icon_1?16Χ16pixel transparentgif?

general icon_1

sample image
80 square type icons.
16Χ16pixel transparentgif.20colors.


Aki:living in Fukuoka,Japan. I'll be pleased if you find graphics you want.