Aqua type buttons

aqua button14

sample image
mini aqua button. square type. 9822pixel jpg. 10colors

aqua button13

sample image
medium size aqua buttons.
14533pixel jpg? ?????????10??


sample image
aqua botton square type large size.round high-lights.
24255pixel jpg 10 colors.

aqua button 11

sample image
aqua button square type mini size.
11025pixel jpg. 10colors

aqua button 10

sample image
square type aqua buttons ,medium size.
14533pixel jpg? 10colors

aqua button_9

sample image
square type aqua buttons.
24255pixel jpg ,10colors

aqua button 8

sample image
mini aqua buttons.
9125pixel jpg. 10colors


sample image
medium size of aqua button6 .How about using them for global menus?
14540pixel jpg..10colors

aqua button 6

sample image
aqua button with white frame. 25470pixel jpg. 10colors


sample image
midium size of aqua button_4. 5050pixel jpg. fit for white background pages.10colors

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Aki:living in Fukuoka,Japan. I'll be pleased if you find graphics you want.